Hedgehog Highways: The Board Game

I have made a new board game called Hedgehog Highways. It is about how to look after hedgehogs in your garden. You have to be a hedgehog and go through the gardens on the board looking for food, water and a mate and then get back to your home garden. But beware! In some of the gardens there are hazards like slug pellets, netting, strimmers or bonfires! During the game, some of the hedges between the gardens get cut down and turned into fences and then you have to start crossing the road, which is even more dangerous! If you’re lucky, you might find a hedgehog highway! Hedgehog highways let you get through fences and into other gardens safely so you can carry on your journey.

If you want to play the game you can print everything you need out here. I hope you enjoy playing it!

If you have any problems, please leave a comment or contact me here and I’ll try and help you.

18 thoughts on “Hedgehog Highways: The Board Game

  1. FANTASTIC WAY TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF CONSERVATION- FUN AND EDUCATIONAL… (from the mouths of babes and innocents as the saying goes. Jolly Good Job! Inspirational. Well done 🙂


  2. Me and my boys, 29 and 27, will be playing this this year and hopefully next year I will be able to share it with my gand niece and nephews. 😍


  3. Looks fantastic. Have just downloaded it, will print it all tomorrow for my great-grandchildren. Sadly will have to post it to them, but it will be a surprise.


  4. Thank you, planethelperjoey, you’ve made such a contribution to the hedgehog education for us! I’m this year in The Netherlands, waiting for the flu wave rolling on and drying up in due time. I’m dedicated to hedgehogs, like you, in my own way, arranging a habitat for them behind my home, and knitting hedgehogs. The Wildlife Trust sold me the patterns. In their stands, on markets, etc. they’ve got baskets with knitted hedgehogs, received by the knitters. And so, they make a little money by selling them, and also sell the knitting pattern.

    Pictures of my knitted hedgehogs are in Hedgehog Street, and once I’ve made a trail of my hoggies, hidden in trees and hollows of rocks, around the church in Wookey Hole, during a Church Fete. The children went looking for them and were allowed to keep the one they found. Also adults were invited when they wished to be child again, and they all appreciated the thrill of looking for these hedgehogs, which were rather small, and made of undyed wool so that they were blending in with the spot where they were hidden.

    With that boardgame, you’ve created a lovely form of education, very well done. Once I’ve returned to Britain, I’m going to print the boardgame. In Holland it’s a bit difficult to present it to Dutch speaking kids, you see?


  5. Hi Joey ! I work with a group of Young Carers and we have decided to make your board game for them to play at home during Lockdown. Instead of just printing off all your wonderful pictures, they will be making some of the pieces. For example, the ‘food’ pieces will be pipecleaner worms etc. I’m sure they would like to send you some pictures when they have made them.


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