A Christmas Tree for the Birds

On Christmas Eve, we decorated a tree in our garden to make a Christmas tree for the birds.

We put lard, bird seeds, sunflower hearts, grated cheese and oats in a bowl and we mixed it up.

Then we used Christmas biscuit cutters to make it into shapes. We made some gingerbread men, some stars and some Christmas trees. We put the decorations in a cold place to make them go hard.

We also spread peanut butter onto pine cones. We used peanut butter that said “No added salt” because salt isn’t good for birds.

And we poked lots of sunflower seeds into apples and hung them on strings.

In the evening on Christmas Eve we hung all our decorations on our ash tree in our garden so the birds would have a surprise feast on Christmas morning!

We also made some Christmas bird cakes. We made some pastry cases like jam tart cases and we filled them with our lard mixture and we put them on our bird table.

We were inspired by two books: Night Tree by Eve Bunting and Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo. They’re both Christmas books.

Night Tree is about a family decorating a tree in a forest on the night before Christmas. They decorate it with food for the birds and other animals who live in the forest. We decided to decorate a tree in our garden instead because we wanted to make sure we didn’t leave any litter in the woods.

Coming Home is about a robin on his migration back to the garden where his mate lives. There are lots of dangers on the way. When he gets back he finds some Christmas bird cake that was made by the little girl living in the house. It made me want to make a Christmas bird cake too!

You can make some Christmas food for the birds too if you want to! Remember to use foods that are good for the birds with no added salt. You can find out about what foods are safe for birds to eat here: www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/advice/how-you-can-help-birds/feeding-birds/safe-food-for-birds/

3 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree for the Birds

  1. Thank you for some more lovely ideas. I wondered if I ought to feed the 2 grey squirrels which seem to be living near me because this morning they were picking up seeds which the parakeets had dropped, or thrown, underneath the bird feeders. Granny


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