Hedgehog Rescue

On 29th September last year we were at a playground when someone found two hedgehogs stuck in netting. One of the staff at the playground cut them free and we took them to Solihogs Hedgehog Rescue.

The lady at the hedgehog rescue weighed the hedgehogs and said they were a bit dehydrated and underweight so she decided to keep them at the hedgehog rescue until they were big enough to hibernate and possibly all winter.

It turned out to be all winter. When they woke up she sent us a message saying they were ready to release. She asked us to take them to our garden to release them instead of at the playground because she thought it would be safer and also we can feed them every night. She knew our garden is good for hedgehogs because there are hedgehogs there already.

We got two new hedgehog houses for them then we went to collect them. They were much bigger than when we found them and there was one very big one!

We put them into the hedgehog houses and blocked the doors up with cardboard to stop them going all over the car! Then we took them home and put the hedgehog houses in our garden and unblocked the ends. We covered the hedgehog houses with sticks to make them safe and warm for the new hedgehogs.

That night the hedgehogs came out to explore!

Netting can be very dangerous for hedgehogs so if you have netting in your garden please tidy it up! If you find an injured hedgehog or see one out in the day, please take it to your nearest hedgehog rescue. You can find your nearest wildlife rescues at helpwildlife.co.uk. To find out more about helping hedgehogs you can play my Hedgehog Highways board game.

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