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Hedgehog Rescue

On 29th September last year we were at a playground when someone found two hedgehogs stuck in netting. One of the staff at the playground cut them free and we took them to Solihogs Hedgehog Rescue. The lady at the hedgehog rescue weighed the hedgehogs and said they were a bit dehydrated and underweight soContinue reading “Hedgehog Rescue”

World Bonobo Day

Today is World Bonobo Day! Bonobos are a type of great ape and they share 98.7% of their DNA with humans. Their only home is in the rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. You can see them in England at Twycross Zoo in North Warwickshire. Bonobos are one of my favourite animals.Continue reading “World Bonobo Day”

Hedgehogs on Bonfire Night

My brothers and I have made a video with an important message for Bonfire Night. Here it is. Don’t forget to check your bonfire for sleeping hedgehogs before you light it!

Big Canopy Campout

This September we took part in the Big Canopy Campout. The Big Canopy Campout is an event for tree climbers and everyone who loves forests to celebrate trees and forests and raise money to help them. You spend the night camping out in or around trees. People around the world join in and lots ofContinue reading “Big Canopy Campout”

Deposit Return Scheme

I’ve been campaigning for a Deposit Return Scheme to be introduced for drinks containers. A Deposit Return Scheme would mean that people would have to pay a little bit extra when they buy drinks in containers like bottles, cans or cartons and when they take them for recycling they would get the extra money back.Continue reading “Deposit Return Scheme”

National Children’s Gardening Week: Plants for Wildlife

This week is National Children’s Gardening Week. It’s about how fun gardens are for children. I like gardening and I especially like wildlife gardening and trying to make my garden as good for wildlife as possible. For National Children’s Gardening Week I’m making some videos about my garden. I have done one so far. It’sContinue reading “National Children’s Gardening Week: Plants for Wildlife”

World Bee Day

Today is World Bee Day! Bees are really important because we need them to pollinate plants including a lot of the food we eat. But bee numbers are going down and they need help! Here are some things that we have done and you can do to help bees. Flowers for beesFlowers are really importantContinue reading “World Bee Day”

Hedgehog House

We made a hedgehog house. We made it using these instructions from the RSPB, but we changed it a bit to give it little legs to raise it up from the ground so the bottom wouldn’t get wet and soggy. We started off with a big bit of plywood. We made sure we chose plywoodContinue reading “Hedgehog House”

Conservation Crisis

Conservation Crisis is a board game made by Tunza Games. You need to look after a wildlife reserve to try and save an endangered species. But there are poachers! First you have to choose an animal to save. The choices are elephant, gorilla, rhino and tiger. You start at HQ and you have to goContinue reading “Conservation Crisis”

Carbon City Zero

Carbon City Zero is a board game made by Possible. Possible is a charity who are trying to inspire lots of people to take action on climate change. In Carbon City Zero you have to work together with the other players. You have to try and reduce the amount of carbon produced by your city.Continue reading “Carbon City Zero”

Show the Love

Show the Love is organised by The Climate Coalition, which is a big group of people and organisations who are trying to make less climate change. It happens every February and it is a chance to think about the things we love and want to protect from climate change by making green hearts. We madeContinue reading “Show the Love”

End Sewage Pollution

Did you know untreated sewage is getting released into rivers and the sea? Sewage is dirty water which might have wees and poos or harmful chemicals in it! It is released through Combined Sewer Overflows, which are supposed to be used for emergencies when it rains loads and loads but they’re being used all theContinue reading “End Sewage Pollution”

Big Wild Walk

We did the Big Wild Walk from 26th October to 1st November to raise money for The Wildlife Trusts. We had to choose our own walking challenge to do and ask people to sponsor us to raise money. We wanted it to be about wildlife so we decided to do an osprey walk. The ospreysContinue reading “Big Wild Walk”

Big Canopy Campout

On Saturday night we did the Big Canopy Campout. The Big Canopy Campout is a campout where you camp outside. People all around the world join in. It is to raise money and awareness about looking after forests around the world. It has been happening since 2017 but this was our first one. Most peopleContinue reading “Big Canopy Campout”

Milk Machine

I found out when I went to Cornish Stores in Boscastle that they have a milk machine in the back left corner! The first time you use it you buy a glass bottle and fill it with milk using the machine and you keep reusing the same bottle every time you go there. Every timeContinue reading “Milk Machine”

Bat Rescue!

We were on a walk near Boscastle in Cornwall on holiday, then we found a bat on a gatepost. It didn’t look the right place for a bat to be so we phoned the National Bat Helpline on 0345 1300 228. They said the bat needed help. Mummy put the bat in a little softContinue reading “Bat Rescue!”

Moth Night

Last weekend, we were doing a survey called Moth Night. Moth Night happens at the end of August each year. This year, it happened from 27th – 29th August. We did it on 29th August. You have to try to attract moths to your garden and identify them, then you submit your findings to MothContinue reading “Moth Night”

Reusable Kitchen Roll

We have made some reusable kitchen roll. We made it instead of using paper kitchen rolls which are disposable and waste trees and usually come wrapped in plastic which is also bad. We made them out of old towels with holes in and old t-shirts and tops. This reused the clothes as well, which isContinue reading “Reusable Kitchen Roll”

Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count is a survey to help us find out how well butterflies are doing. It is run by the Butterfly Conservation Trust. It happens every year and this year it runs from 17th July to 9th August. It’s important to know how butterflies are doing because numbers of butterflies and moths haveContinue reading “Big Butterfly Count”

Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a chance to try to start using less single-use plastic. Single-use plastic means things like straws or plastic bottles that are only used once and then thrown away. Single-use plastic is bad for the planet because it is only used once but it lasts forever! It can end up in theContinue reading “Plastic Free July”

The Time Is Now

I joined in with a virtual mass lobby organised by The Climate Coalition. My Mummy joined in with me. I wanted to show that children care about the environment as well because I’m only six years old! We used Zoom to meet Andrew Mitchell, who is our MP. There were lots of other people meetingContinue reading “The Time Is Now”

Beeswax Wraps

Today we made some beeswax wraps. You can wrap food and sandwiches in them to keep them fresh, instead of using cling film. Cling film is made from plastic and you only use it once. If it ended up in the sea it might look like a jellyfish and then a turtle or another seaContinue reading “Beeswax Wraps”

How To Help Insects

This week is National Insect Week so I’m going to tell you about why insects are important and how you can help them. Insects are really important because they pollinate flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables. Without that, we wouldn’t be able to live! We wouldn’t have any food to eat and there wouldn’t be asContinue reading “How To Help Insects”

Ozzie Leads The Way

Ken Davies, who wrote Ozzie’s Migration and Ozzie’s Return sent me his other book about Ozzie the osprey called Ozzie Leads the Way. It’s longer than the other Ozzie books. It has 26 chapters! I’m going to tell you about it. It’s about a group of children who are learning about ospreys and following OzzieContinue reading “Ozzie Leads The Way”

Every Flower Counts

Today we did our Every Flower Counts survey. Every Flower Counts is organised by Plantlife, which is a charity that looks after plants, wild flowers and fungi. We did it on our front lawn. You have to count all the open flowers within a 1m2 quadrat. We did five quadrats. First we made our quadrat.Continue reading “Every Flower Counts”

No Fly Tipping!

We were walking in the woods yesterday and we saw lots of piles of grass cuttings and other garden rubbish. People had dumped it there. Some of the piles had bits of plastic, material, used toilet roll and other rubbish too. Dumping rubbish like this is called fly tipping and it hurts the woods. PilesContinue reading “No Fly Tipping!”

No Mow May

No Mow May is a chance to help bees, butterflies and other pollinators by giving the flowers a chance to grow on your lawn. It’s organised by Plantlife, a charity that looks after wild flowers and plants. You have to not mow your lawn for the whole, entire month of May. This will let flowersContinue reading “No Mow May”

Hedgehog Awareness Week

It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week this week. It’s organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and it’s all about looking after hedgehogs. Looking After Hedgehogs Looking after hedgehogs is important because a third of hedgehogs in the UK have gone since the year 2000. Here are some things you can do to help hedgehogs. One ofContinue reading “Hedgehog Awareness Week”

Helping Bees

We made bee houses for solitary bees. We sawed a base, then we sawed a back, then we sawed the roof, then we sawed the two sides. We made the roof stick out to stop rain getting in. We nailed them together. Then we filled it with bee nesting tubes. Then we put it upContinue reading “Helping Bees”


I’m going to tell you about ospreys. Ospreys are a bird of prey that eat fish. There are ospreys in Scotland, England and Wales and they migrate to West Africa for the winter. We’ve seen ospreys in Wales at Dyfi Osprey Project and in England at Rutland Water. My favourite ospreys were Monty and TelynContinue reading “Ospreys”

Tadpoles In Our Pond

The frogspawn in our pond has hatched into tadpoles! Soon they’re going to turn into froglets, then into frogs. Next year they will come back and lay some frogspawn and that will hatch into tadpoles! Pond are really good for wildlife. Why don’t you make your own!

Minibeast Hotel

We built a minibeast hotel. First, we made five frames out of old wood. We put old bricks and stones at the bottom for minibeasts to hide under. Then we put the first layer on and we filled it with sticks and old pipes stuffed with straw and sticks. Then we put more layers onContinue reading “Minibeast Hotel”


We went bat watching in Sutton Park. We saw lots of bats and we heard them with our bat detector. They were flying over Blackroot Pool and between the trees near the pool. I will tell you a bit about some of the problems for bats. Habitat LossPeople sometimes chop down trees where bats areContinue reading “Bats”

Water For Wildlife

This is about something which is really important to put out for wildlife in your garden. Watch these videos to find out the answer! You watched the videos… the answer was water! We put water out for the hedgehogs and other animals came and shared it. There was a squirrel, a house sparrow, a blackbirdContinue reading “Water For Wildlife”

Hedgehog Hole News!

Last night I put the hedgehog camera by one of the hedgehog holes that we made in our new fence. Something went through it! If you want to know what came through it, look on the videos! You saw the videos… the answer was a hedgehog came through it! This shows how important it isContinue reading “Hedgehog Hole News!”


We put our hedgehog camera out last night. We put it pointing at one of our hedgehog feeding stations. Guess what we saw! The answer is on these videos! You saw these videos… the answer was a hedgehog! In one of the videos the hedgehog ate some food. We give our hedgehogs Spike’s Tasty Semi-MoistContinue reading “Hedgehogs”

Bamboo Toothbrushes

We got some new bamboo toothbrushes today. Bamboo toothbrushes help the planet because they use less plastic than normal toothbrushes. Plastic toothbrushes don’t rot away so they stay in landfill for a long time. Sometimes they end up in the sea. When we have finished with our bamboo toothbrushes we can use pliers to pullContinue reading “Bamboo Toothbrushes”

Hedgehog Holes

Today I helped my Daddy make a new fence at the back of our garden because the old fence was falling apart. So we put some hedgehog holes in! The hedgehog holes are so hedgehogs can get from one side to another. We put in two hedgehog holes, one on each end. One hole isContinue reading “Hedgehog Holes”

Litter Picking

I’ve been going litter picking with my brothers. Today we went litter picking in New Hall Valley. We went up the stream, across the bridge then carried on going along the stream to the boardwalk, then we went back on the other side of the stream. We picked up two bags full of litter. LastContinue reading “Litter Picking”

Picking Up Cans

Today we were going for a walk in New Hall Valley. Then we found lots of tin cans. To start with we found about four then we kept finding more. There were lots in the bushes and lots by the path. We picked them all up and put them in a big pile. Altogether weContinue reading “Picking Up Cans”

The Up Shop

Today we were going to The Weigh Forward and we saw another shop opposite. It’s called The Up Shop and they make things out of old clothes and other things. There’s a box at the front of the shop. If you want to donate any fabric or old clothes you can open the lid andContinue reading “The Up Shop”

Endangered Animals

I went to Twycross Zoo last week. There are some endangered animals there and I’m going to tell you about some of them. To see how endangered animals are, we use something called the Red List. There are different categories to show how endangered the animals are. These are: Least Concern, Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered,Continue reading “Endangered Animals”

The Weigh Forward

Today I went to a zero waste shop called The Weigh Forward. It’s in Sutton Coldfield, in Market Village (the indoor market) on South Parade. It’s different from normal shops because they don’t use plastic. You can bring your own containers there to put stuff in. They have some spare containers there you can useContinue reading “The Weigh Forward”


I’ve made some videos about identifying trees during the winter.

Big Garden Birdwatch

On 25th – 27th January it will be the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. The Big Garden Birdwatch is a survey that helps the RSPB find out about the birds that are visiting gardens and how to help them. You spend one hour watching the birds in your garden and you count the birds that landContinue reading “Big Garden Birdwatch”

Extreme Gardening

This month at Wildlife Explorers we were helping to look after the meadow habitat at Kingsbury Water Park. We were cutting back some alder trees that had started to grow on the edge of the meadow. If the trees weren’t cut back, eventually they would take over the whole meadow and there wouldn’t be aContinue reading “Extreme Gardening”


Hi, my name is Joey. I’m making this website to try and get people to help the planet.

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