Better Protection For Hedgehogs

I am going to tell you about how you can help get better protection for hedgehogs.

A Bill called the Environment Bill is going through Parliament at the moment. A Bill is a new law that they’re thinking about getting made. While it’s going through Parliament, MPs can suggest changes to it called amendments. With the Environment Bill, an MP has suggested an amendment that will help protect hedgehogs. The amendment would make hedgehogs a schedule 5 species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. At the moment hedgehogs are a schedule 6 species which means you can’t hurt them but it doesn’t protect their habitat. Schedule 5 would mean their habitat was protected as well. This is important because hedgehogs need a habitat to live in! Hedgehog numbers are going down. They are going down so much they have even been listed as vulnerable to extinction! One of the main reasons is their habitat being destroyed.

The more MPs that add their name to the amendment, the more likely it is that it will have chance to become part of the new law. Hedgehog Street is asking people to help by writing a letter to your MP asking them to sign their name on the amendment. You can find everything you need to write the letter here:

I have written a letter to my MP, Andrew Mitchell, about it.

Andrew Mitchell has already put his name on the amendement so I sent him a letter saying thank you.

I also sent him a copy of my Hedgehog Highways board game so he can find out about all the problems for hedgehogs and he can help them.

There’s a petition you can sign as well asking for better protection for hedgehogs. The petition is asking the Government to move hedgehogs to schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Please sign the petition here:

One way hedgehogs are losing their habitats is by hedges being cut down and replaced with fences that don’t have hedgehog holes in. You can find out more about this by playing my Hedgehog Highways board game. There’s a petition to get all new housing development to have hedgehog highways here: Please sign this petition too!

There are also lots of ways you can help hedgehogs in your garden.

Thank you for helping hedgehogs!

2 thoughts on “Better Protection For Hedgehogs

  1. I hadn’t thought about plastic grass being a problem until I got your board game. Quite a few people round here have got plastic grass in their front gardens. It looks nice and the old people don’t have to bother about paying someone to mow grass regularly. I am pleased I refused to pay half the cost of putting up a fence at the back of my patio because the man was rude, bullying and ignorant telling me that featherboard fence would not last for 10 years. He put up concrete posts and slot in panels because they are easy to replace. Granny


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