More Hedgehog Hole Campaigning

Hedgehog highways are very, very important for hedgehogs. Hedgehog highways are small 13cm hedgehog holes in fences to connect gardens together and help hedgehogs get around.

“Help save Britain’s hedgehogs with hedgehog highways” is a petition that was started by hedgehog expert Hugh Warwick to try to make it the law that new housing developments have to have hedgehog holes in fences. This is important because the number of hedgehogs are going down and it will help them because it will mean they can carry on getting around to find food and mate.

Please sign that petition to help to save hedgehogs!

I have written a letter to Robert Jenrick who is the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. He is the member of the Government in charge of making decisions about things like building new houses.

I asked him to make sure there are hedgehog holes in all new housing developments.

You can help too. Don’t forget to sign the petition! And please make sure all the fences in your garden have hedgehog holes. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “More Hedgehog Hole Campaigning

  1. Thank you Joey. I liked the letter which you wrote. I saw a link to the petition on Facebook earlier today. Granny


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