No Mow May

No Mow May is a chance to help bees, butterflies and other pollinators by giving the flowers a chance to grow on your lawn. It’s organised by Plantlife, a charity that looks after wild flowers and plants.

You have to not mow your lawn for the whole, entire month of May. This will let flowers grow to help bees and butterflies.

Last year Plantlife did a survey called Every Flower Counts. It was the biggest ever count of flowers on lawns. It showed there were over 200 species of flowers growing on lawns.

It showed that mowing your lawn less often can make 10 times more bees and other pollinators come.

Flowers grew more quickly and produced more nectar on lawns that were mowed every four weeks but there were more different types of flowers on areas which were left for the whole summer. Different types of flowers are important because different pollinators like different flowers and because there will be nectar available all the way through the summer.

The best thing to do is to mow some of your grass every four weeks but leave some of your grass growing for the whole entire season of summer.

From 23rd-31st May you can take part in Every Flower Counts to find out how much nectar your lawn is producing. You have to count all the flowers in 1 square metre of your lawn.

Don’t forget to not mow your lawn!

7 thoughts on “No Mow May

  1. Hello Joey. I have a lot of moss in my lawn too. I was going to mow it yesterday and then today. Now I can do something more interesting tomorrow. All I can see at the moment are dandelions and daisies. Please remind me to count the flowers later this month. Thank you. Granny.


  2. An interesting idea that requires very little effort. We have Woody staying with us and he hates the lawnmower.


  3. My grass is very long now but there are not many flowers. Usually the dandelions flower again within a few days of being cut. No dandelions, fewer daisies but some buttercups. What has surprised me is the number of different types of grass. Tomorrow I will inspect a square metre and hopefully there will be some tiny flowers hidden by the grass. Granny


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