Hedgehog Holes

Today I helped my Daddy make a new fence at the back of our garden because the old fence was falling apart.

So we put some hedgehog holes in! The hedgehog holes are so hedgehogs can get from one side to another. We put in two hedgehog holes, one on each end. One hole is near a hedge and one hole is near a holly bush.

We marked the holes using a doorway with a picture of a hedgehog on it so everyone will know they’re for hedgehogs to go through and they won’t block them. We chose a doorway made from recycled plastic.

If you’ve got a fence or a wall in your garden, please put a hedgehog hole in so hedgehogs can get through. Hedgehogs travel about one mile every night to look for enough food so making sure they can get through your garden is a really important way to help hedgehogs.

10 thoughts on “Hedgehog Holes

  1. How thoughtful sadly our fences have concrete bases and they belong to our neighbours. That’s probably why we never see hedgehogs in our garden.


  2. It is a problem that these days, a lot of fence panels sit on a concrete base but I will look to see if it is possible to do anything for hedgehogs in our garden.


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