We went bat watching in Sutton Park. We saw lots of bats and we heard them with our bat detector. They were flying over Blackroot Pool and between the trees near the pool.

I will tell you a bit about some of the problems for bats.

Habitat Loss
People sometimes chop down trees where bats are living, or hedges where they look for insects to eat.

Building Work
When people do building work on their roof, sometimes there might be bats living there. Sometimes bats go into roofs to have their babies because it’s warm there. If they’re disturbed they can fly off and abandon the babies.

Roads are bad for bats because bats don’t like crossing them so they split their habitat up. When bats do cross roads, they fly at the same level as the cars so they might get crashed into and die.

Street lamps, lights in car parks and flood lights are not good for bats. Bats are nocturnal and too much light means they wake up late and miss dusk, which is the best time for finding flies. Bats avoid light but insects are attracted to it. That’s a problem because it means there is less food.

Cats sometimes catch bats.

What people think about bats
I like bats because it’s hard to see them in the dark – but not everyone does. Some people are scared of bats. They think they might fly in their hair.

How you can help bats

You can help bats by attracting insects to your garden. Some good ways to attract insects are by building a pond, planting night-scented flowers to attract insects at night and letting part of your garden grow wild.

Turning off outside lights can help bats.

You can put up a bat box so bats have somewhere to roost.

Bats like flying up and down in straight lines, so if you can plant a line of trees or a hedge that will help bats.

Please keep your cat indoors at night because cats might catch bats.

You can join a group like the Bat Conservation Trust or your local Bat Group to learn more about bats, take part in surveys or volunteer to help bats.

Here’s a link to a song by my favourite singer David Gibb called “The Thing About Bats”.

6 thoughts on “Bats

  1. So, you have a bat box now. I used to be scared of bats because one came down the chimney into my bedroom when I was about the same age as you. I enjoyed the bat walk I went on last year at Sacrewell. Granny


  2. I like bats. We need a new roof at the cottage. We had a bat survey done so we know we can have the work done and it won’t disturb any bats.


  3. I saw you on Twitter and clicked on your link to read your article on bats. Thank you so much for caring for our natural world. I haven’t got a bat box, but I must get one. I pastor a church, and the building is over 120 years old. In the bell tower (belfry) is a colony of bats that have been using it for years. Thank you for sharing! 🦇😀


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