Bat Rescue!

We were on a walk near Boscastle in Cornwall on holiday, then we found a bat on a gatepost. It didn’t look the right place for a bat to be so we phoned the National Bat Helpline on 0345 1300 228.

They said the bat needed help. Mummy put the bat in a little soft bag to carry back with us. She was careful not to touch it or let it bite her.

When we got back to our cottage we used an old butter tub with a flannel in it and we poked tiny holes in the lid using a skewer. We put the bat in with some water in a plastic milk bottle lid. We put it in a warm, quiet place while we found a bat rescue to take it to.

Then we took the bat to North Devon Bat Care. The lady at North Devon Bat Care said it was a female whiskered bat. She said some bats get too busy finding a mate and don’t eat enough and get into trouble. The next day she said the bat was underweight but had been eating and she has put her next to another whiskered bat. We had to send her the grid reference of the place where we found the bat so she can be released back there when she is ready.

The lady had 82 bats at her bat rescue!

If you find a bat, it needs help if:
– it’s on the ground;
– it’s out in the open during the day, like on a wall or fence post;
– it’s inside one of the rooms of a house or somewhere else where there are a lot of people;
– it’s been caught by a cat;
– it’s a baby bat without its mummy;
– it’s stuck;
– its roost has been disturbed.

If you find a bat that needs help, you need to call the phone number for the National Bat Helpline: 0345 1300 228. You need to use gloves to put the bat into a box with tiny holes in the lid with a towel and some water in a plastic milk bottle lid.

Bats are brilliant but there are lots of problems for them so it’s very important to help bats.

3 thoughts on “Bat Rescue!

  1. I must remember to keep a pair of gloves and an old bag in my rucksack just in case I find a bat or something else which needs help. Granny


  2. What a lucky bat. Lucky you found it, lucky you knew what to do, lucky you cared enough to do it and lucky you found a expert to care for it.
    It was quite a adventure one you will remember and be able to tell your children about


  3. You do seem to manage to have lots of adventures on your travels.I will try to keep a look out for creatures in distress but I don’t think I am as observant as you.


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