BSBI New Year Plant Hunt

Today, we took part in the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) New Year Plant Hunt.

We had to spend up to three hours looking for flowering wild plants. When we saw any we had to take a photograph and submit it using a form on the New Year Plant Hunt website.

The New Year Plant Hunt helps the BSBI find out how changes in autumn and winter weather are affecting wildflowers.

We went for a walk around New Hall Valley and the area nearby to do our plant hunt. These are the flowers we found:
Cow parsley
Two grasses that we couldn’t identify

You can find the results of the New Year Plant hunt here:

You can take part in the New Year Plant Hunt too if you want to but you have to be quick because the very last day is tomorrow! You can find out how to take part here:

4 thoughts on “BSBI New Year Plant Hunt

  1. I didn’t find as many different flowers as you did, Joey. There were lots of daisies and also sow thistle, red dead nettle, white dead nettle, something which looked like cow parsley but it was much smaller, and what looked like honesty but again it was very small. Groundsel and dandelions had flower buds but there were no open flowers. I enjoyed doing this. Thank you Joey


  2. Many thanks to Joey and everybody else who took part, we have already received almost 1,000 lists of plants in bloom. Well done to everyone who went out plant hunting! We will publish an analysis of all the results later this month and see what they tell us about how our wildflowers are changing.


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