A Christmas Tree for the Birds

On Christmas Eve, we decorated a tree in our garden to make a Christmas tree for the birds. We put lard, bird seeds, sunflower hearts, grated cheese and oats in a bowl and we mixed it up. Then we used Christmas biscuit cutters to make it into shapes. We made some gingerbread men, some starsContinue reading “A Christmas Tree for the Birds”

Ozzie Leads The Way

Ken Davies, who wrote Ozzie’s Migration and Ozzie’s Return sent me his other book about Ozzie the osprey called Ozzie Leads the Way. It’s longer than the other Ozzie books. It has 26 chapters! I’m going to tell you about it. It’s about a group of children who are learning about ospreys and following OzzieContinue reading “Ozzie Leads The Way”

3 More Books About Helping The Planet

Here are three more books I like about helping the planet. Book Number 1: Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue by Ellie Jackson and Laura Callwood Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue is about an orangutan called Buddy. His home is being chopped down so they can make palm oil plantations. An orangutan rescue came so they could rescue Buddy. BuddyContinue reading “3 More Books About Helping The Planet”