New Card Game: SOS Save Our Species

SOS Save Our Species is a new card game designed by 16-year-old Jackson in partnership with WWF. It’s about the problems facing animals in different habitats from forests to polar habitats to grasslands to oceans. You have to try and save as many animals as possible but you can only save animals if you save their habitats too.

You can get SOS Save Our Species through Kickstarter. I was sent a copy to try.

I think SOS Save Our Species is incredible! It’s really fun to play and I love the way it’s based on saving animals in real life. You can’t just save one kind of animal by itself, you have to make a whole biome. For example, to save black rhinos or ground pangolins, you have to make a grassland biome, and if you want to save Sumatran orangutans or Sunda Island tigers, you have make a forest biome. That’s like real life because animals can’t live by themselves, they’re part of an ecosystem and they need the whole ecosystem to survive.

The game also has Wildlife Corridor cards which mean you can link to other players’ biomes. For example, if you have a forest biome and someone else has a forest biome you can play a Wildlife Corridor and it means at the end of the game if your forest biome is still surviving you’ll get points from the other person’s forest too. If your forest gets destroyed, your animals will be able to migrate down the corridor to the other person’s biome. I love this because it shows how important wildlife corridors are in real life.

I also like the way the game includes real life problems like deforestation, intensive farming and loss of sea ice. These are on event cards, which can have good or bad things on them. The good ones are things like grant awarded and bonus national park and the bad ones mean your habitats can get destroyed and your animals might go extinct. The worst one is extreme warming, which can destroy lots of different habitats!

SOS Save Our Species packs up into a small box, so it will be good for taking on the train or camping, and it doesn’t take too long to play, which means we’ve been able to play it lots. My whole family loves playing it!

Here’s a video I made about SOS Save Our Species.

You can support SOS Save Our Species and get your copy through Kickstarter. After the Kickstarter campaign, all the profits from the game will go to WWF and other conservation charities.

I think SOS Save Our Species is an amazing game and everyone will love it!

4 thoughts on “New Card Game: SOS Save Our Species

  1. That looks fun. I would have liked to see Jake and Danny having a turn. Perhaps we can play it next time I visit. Granny


  2. I enjoyed playing the game with you, Joey although you did beat me rather easily. I also enjoyed watching your video and maybe I have learned from my previous mistakes. Be prepared for more competition next time we play!


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