World Bonobo Day

Today is World Bonobo Day!

Bonobos are a type of great ape and they share 98.7% of their DNA with humans. Their only home is in the rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. You can see them in England at Twycross Zoo in North Warwickshire.

Bonobos are one of my favourite animals. I like them so much because they are cute and cheeky. They are peaceful, loving and kind and they share with each other. In bonobo groups the Mummy is in charge.

Bonobos are Endangered on the IUCN Red List. The problems for bonobos include habitat loss due to logging, land clearance for farming and mining. Another big problem is poaching for bush meat and they also get captured and sold as pets.

I’ve made a shadow puppet play about the problems for bonobos and how you can help them by recycling old mobile phones. Mobile phones contain a mineral called coltan which is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mining for coltan causes habitat loss for animals like bonobos as well as other great apes like gorillas and chimpanzees, and lots of other wildlife.

The play is called Boboto the Bonobo.

One of the places you can take old mobile phones for recycling is at Twycross Zoo. We collected old mobile phones from our house and we asked other people in our family to give us their old mobile phones and we took them to Twycross Zoo today with our cousins.

We also saw Upendi, the new baby bonobo who has been born at Twycross Zoo and is about one month old. Upendi means “love” in Swahili. He or she (they don’t know yet) was tiny and very cute and cuddly. Upendi was holding onto the mummy, Cheka, tightly and Cheka was cuddling Upendi. Upendi kept holding on tightly while Cheka was climbing. The other bonobos were all crowding round to look at Upendi. There was another little bonobo who was swinging around everywhere, being very cheeky and messing up the bedding.

I’ve also made a poster about bonobos, some of the problems for them and how you can help them.

Lola Y Bonobos/ Friends of Bonobos help bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They rescue and look after baby bonobos who have been sold illegally as pets. They have a big reserve where bonobos can be released and live safely in the wild. They also educate people about the problems for bonobos and how to help them.

Happy World Bonobo Day!

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