Plastic Free July 2021

For Plastic Free July this year I made an enormous display board to put outside my house to raise awareness of the impact of unnecessary plastic and tell people about some good alternatives.

One on side of the board I put lots of unnecessary plastic items like a plastic toothbrush, a baby wipe, a plastic bottle, a washing up sponge, a disposable face mask and some cling film. In the middle I wrote the approximate time it takes for each item to break down. It was quite hard to find out the numbers for some items because there hasn’t been time for most plastic in the world to break down yet so it’s difficult to be certain how long it will take. Plastic never disappears completely: it just goes into tiny pieces, which is bad for wildlife because they might eat it and it could make them poorly. On the other side of the board I put some alternatives to the plastic items which are much better for the planet. For example, next to the plastic toothbrush I put a bamboo toothbrush, next to the baby wipe I put a washable flannel, next to the plastic bottle I put a metal drink bottle, next to the washing up sponge I put a reusable bamboo dishcloth and a compostable coconut scrubbing brush, next to the disposable face mask I put a reusable face mask and next to the cling film I put a beeswax wrap.

If you would like some more ideas for how to reduce the amount of plastic you use, please read my article from Plastic Free July 2020, which talks about some of the things I’ve been doing to use less plastic.

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