Deposit Return Scheme

I’ve been campaigning for a Deposit Return Scheme to be introduced for drinks containers.

A Deposit Return Scheme would mean that people would have to pay a little bit extra when they buy drinks in containers like bottles, cans or cartons and when they take them for recycling they would get the extra money back. This would be good because it would encourage people to recycle more. At the moment lots of bottles and other containers go into landfill when they could be recycled and lots of them are dropped as litter! When I go litter picking I find lots of drinks containers and I can prove it with this picture!

To make as big a difference as possible, a Deposit Return Scheme needs to be all inclusive, which means it would be for drinks containers of all different sizes and lots of different materials like plastic, glass and metal.

I’ve written a letter to my MP Andrew Mitchell asking him to support an all inclusive Deposit Return Scheme and make sure it happens as soon possible so less rubbish will be thrown into landfill, dropped as litter and end up in the sea when it can be recycled instead.

If you want to help campaign for an all-inclusive Deposit Return Scheme you can write an email to your MP here:

You can sign a petition calling for a Deposit Return Scheme here:

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Deposit Return Scheme

  1. When I was you age, drinks came in glass bottles and there was a deposit on the bottle. I think it was 1d ( one old penny). Granny


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