Conservation Crisis

Conservation Crisis is a board game made by Tunza Games. You need to look after a wildlife reserve to try and save an endangered species. But there are poachers!

First you have to choose an animal to save. The choices are elephant, gorilla, rhino and tiger. You start at HQ and you have to go round the board. When you go round the board there’s lots of stuff to buy. Some of the things like vets and habitat restoration give you more wildlife. Some things like backpacker hostels and luxury lodges give you more money. And the rest, like rangers, livelihood programmes and fences help protect the wildlife. Halfway round the board is a poachers’ checkpoint. You can pay a bribe and whoosh straight past but you have to take a card which has bad things on. If you don’t pay a bribe you have to miss a turn while you go through the checkpoint. When you get back to HQ you have to turn over your bribe card if you have one, then you have to take an event card which sometimes has good things and sometimes has bad things, then you get donor funding and wildlife but you have to pay salaries for people like vets and rangers and teachers. Then you can go round the board again and choose more stuff to buy. It keeps happening until somebody gets an event card that says “Crisis averted”. Then the game ends and the person with the most wildlife wins!

I think Conservation Crisis is a brilliant game because you get to experience and learn all about conservation. You learn about the problems for conservation and some of the decisions and choices that have to be made. The problems are things like getting enough money, and poachers are a very big problem. You also learn about how important it is to work with local communities and help them with things like livelihood schemes. Bribes are no good! I especially like being able to choose what things to buy.

You can play Conservation Crisis if you want to! I think you will probably like it!

2 thoughts on “Conservation Crisis

  1. This is an excellent review. The game sounds really interesting and I am pleased you enjoy playing it. Granny.


    1. You have written a really good description and review of the game, Joey. I agree it is an excellent game, which I enjoyed playing.


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