Carbon City Zero

Carbon City Zero is a board game made by Possible. Possible is a charity who are trying to inspire lots of people to take action on climate change.

In Carbon City Zero you have to work together with the other players. You have to try and reduce the amount of carbon produced by your city. Every player has cards. Some cards have good things on and others have bad things and there are even cards which are a bit bad and a bit good – like factories for example, because they give you money to buy other cards but they do make quite a lot of carbon. The good cards are things which take away carbon like “train not plane”, “car share” and “public awareness”. Some of the bad cards are “greenwashing”, “poor transport” and “corruption”. Most of the bad cards produce carbon and some, like “poor communication”, make the game more difficult to play.

When it’s your turn, you turn over the cards in your hand. Some of them might have money on and you can use them for buying other cards. Some of the cards might have things which reduce carbon production but some of them might have things which make more carbon. At the end of your turn, you have to bring the carbon level up or down depending on how much carbon the cards in your hand produce.

You have to try and get onto zero carbon, but you only have ten turns before your time runs out!

I think Carbon City Zero is an amazing game! I really like being able to plan what to buy. My favourite cards are “lobby ministers” and “bike lanes”. I like “lobby ministers” because I’ve written to my MP and I like “bike lanes” because I like riding my bike and I think there should be more bike lanes everywhere. Mummy likes it because the timer means it doesn’t go on forever! I think it’s a good game for teaching people about some of the changes that can be made to help stop climate change.

You can play Carbon City Zero too if you want to!

2 thoughts on “Carbon City Zero

  1. It seems like an unusual game if there is no winner. I can’t think of any other game where all the players have to co-operate. Granny


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