Show the Love

Show the Love is organised by The Climate Coalition, which is a big group of people and organisations who are trying to make less climate change. It happens every February and it is a chance to think about the things we love and want to protect from climate change by making green hearts.

We made some green hearts!

We made little green hearts to wear. We used rag rugging, which is a traditional way of recycling where you use scraps of old fabric to make rugs.

We also used rag rugging to make a big green heart to go on our front door. We made a little hessian heart saying “SHOW THE LOVE” in embroidery to go underneath.

We also sent a Show The Love postcard to Andrew Mitchell, who is the MP for Sutton Coldfield, which is where we live. We put on one of our little green heart badges. We all wrote a message saying what we want to protect from climate change. I said endangered species.

You can send a postcard to your MP! You can download a card to print here.

You can also support the Climate Coalition by signing the Declaration for a Healthy, Greener, Fairer Tomorrow.

If you want, you can make some green hearts too!

3 thoughts on “Show the Love

  1. Oh gosh, In the last photo Joey looks so different. I’m still trying to work out who the others are. Christine

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  2. Very good, Joey – and Jake and Danny. Nice badges and excellent writing on the letter to Andrew Mitchell. Grandma has made me a badge which I will wear with pride.


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