Helping Wildlife in Cold Weather

When it is cold it’s especially important to make sure there’s water for the animals and birds in your garden because a lot of water might have turned into ice. If the water in your bird baths turns into ice you need to smash it. You can use a stone to smash it and you can pour hot water on to melt it.

We made sure there was plenty of water for the birds and this is what happened!

And it’s extra important to leave out food for the birds because the ground is hard so it will be harder for the birds to find food.

3 thoughts on “Helping Wildlife in Cold Weather

  1. Thank you again. I enjoy watching the videos which you make of the wildlife in your garden. Yesterday there were 2 jackdaws on the feeder with fat and seeds. It is unusual for them to come into the garden. Granny.


  2. Thank you Joey. It’s our first job every morning. Today we have had so many blue tits splashing like crazy as they bathe that I need to top it up!


  3. Grandma and I have tried to do our best with water and food for the birds in our garden during this cold spell. They do seem to have appreciated it.


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