Homemade Bird Feeders

This weekend, we have made some bird feeders.

We found a log and sawed a bit off.

We drilled some big holes into the bit we sawed off and we drilled some littler holes and poked some sticks in to make perches. We drilled another hole all the way through at the top and we put some wire through to hang it up.

Then we mixed bird seed and sunflower hearts together with some lard. Then we squashed the lard mixture into the big holes. Then we hung the new bird feeder in the garden for the birds.

We put some of the rest of the lard mixture into little pots and hung them up too. We put some into a coconut and hung that up. Then we squashed the last bit of mixture onto a pine cone and hung that up for the birds.

4 thoughts on “Homemade Bird Feeders

  1. I need to fill the feeders which you made for me a few years ago. I forgot to order lard when I had supplies delivered the other week. Good to see Danny helping you. Granny


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