Big Wild Walk

We did the Big Wild Walk from 26th October to 1st November to raise money for The Wildlife Trusts.

We had to choose our own walking challenge to do and ask people to sponsor us to raise money. We wanted it to be about wildlife so we decided to do an osprey walk. The ospreys at Rutland Water fly about 3000 miles when they migrate so we decided to walk 300 miles between us in one week.

We based our walk on the book Ozzie Leads the Way by Ken Davies and we made a map showing Ozzie the osprey’s journey from Rutland Water to Tanji Beach in The Gambia. Every evening we measured the map and drew a line on it to show how far we had gone. On the first day, we got Ozzie onto the Bay of Biscay. On the second day we got Ozzie onto the bottom of Spain. On the third day, we got Ozzie into Morocco. On the fourth day, we got Ozzie into Western Sahara. On the fifth day, we got Ozzie into Senegal. We finished our walk a day early and on the sixth day we got Ozzie into The Gambia!

We used Strava to show where we walked every day. Danny and Jake and Mummy and I all walked 73 miles each in 6 days. Daddy walked 20 miles but he couldn’t do as many because he was at work. You can take this link to find out where we walked.

We saw ducks and geese on the canal and we saw kingfishers. We saw little egrets and a heron in New Hall Valley and we even saw ring-necked parakeets in Pype Hayes Park!

We dressed up as bats on the last day because it was Halloween and we saw some bats in Sutton Park!

We raised £243 to help The Wildlife Trusts look after wildlife. If you want to donate, please go to the sponsorship page: Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Big Wild Walk

  1. Well done, especially to Danny and Jake. I didn’t think you would be able to walk something like a half marathon on six consecutive days. Granny


  2. Very well done to you all. You should be very proud and I hope all the ospreys completed their journeys as successfully as you.


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