Big Canopy Campout

On Saturday night we did the Big Canopy Campout.

The Big Canopy Campout is a campout where you camp outside. People all around the world join in. It is to raise money and awareness about looking after forests around the world. It has been happening since 2017 but this was our first one.

Most people camp up in trees but you don’t have to. We camped in our willow shelter in our garden. We didn’t use a tent so we could see the tree branches when we were in bed. In the morning there were birds right on top of us in the willow trees!

This year the Big Canopy Campout was supporting the Bob Brown Foundation. They are based in Australia. They are working to protect the takayna/Tarkine which is a temperate rainforest in Tasmania. People want to chop some of it down for wood and some people want to build mines there too. The Bob Brown Foundation want to stop them.

We made a video message saying we support the Bob Brown Foundation and want to stop people chopping down forests too.

On the morning before the campout we watched a live video of lots of people who were doing the Big Canopy Campout. Some of the people on the video were in Australia, one was in Germany, one was in England and one was in America. Some of them were camping really, really, really high up in trees. Some of them were camping in rainforests.

We made a video about our campout.

I want to help forests because forests are beautiful, they are homes for animals, they are important for the planet and they take hundreds of years to grow.

You can donate money to help the Bob Brown Foundation look after forests at:

2 thoughts on “Big Canopy Campout

  1. I hope you enjoyed this. I was not aware of any threat to forests in Tasmania. Do Tasmanian devils live in the forests? I think they have just released some on mainland Australia. Granny.


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