Milk Machine

I found out when I went to Cornish Stores in Boscastle that they have a milk machine in the back left corner!

The first time you use it you buy a glass bottle and fill it with milk using the machine and you keep reusing the same bottle every time you go there. Every time I go there I take my bottle and fill it up with the milk machine.

I’m going to tell you how I use it. I push the bottle onto a bit of a metal and it fills it with milk. When it gets to the top I take it off and it means the milk will stop going. Then I go to the counter and weigh it on some scales. You have to use their bottles because they know how much they weigh.

The milk machine helps the planet because you’re not using plastic milk bottles. You use a glass milk bottle and you can reuse it again and again. I think all supermarkets should have milk machines like this one!

3 thoughts on “Milk Machine

  1. What a good idea. When your Daddy was about the same age as Danny and Jake we used to have milk delivered every day in glass bottles. Granny.


  2. You never miss a opportunity to reduce plastic waste. If the rest of us did half as much it would make a massive difference. Well done you are a fantastic example to us all.
    That said I drink very little milk and I am happy to leave all the lobsters in the sea.


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