Big Butterfly Count Results

I just found out the Big Butterfly Count results!

The Big Butterfly Count happened between 17th July and 9th August. You have to get a piece of paper and count the butterflies you see in 15 minutes. Then you need to submit the results to Butterfly Conservation, who organise the survey.

The results showed less butterflies than last year, or any year from the last 11 years! The most common ones people saw were the large white and small white. Large white was number one and small white was number two. They both went up but almost all the other butterflies went down.

I think that’s sad. We’ve seen less butterflies in our garden than last year too. I think we should help butterflies.

You can help butterflies by planting flowers with lots of nectar in warm, sunny places – and plants which are good for caterpillars as well because some caterpillars turn into butterflies and others turn into moths. Not all caterpillars like the same plants, so please make sure there are lots of plants for different kinds of caterpillars and make sure there are lots of different plants for butterflies as well. It’s good to have flowers that flower all the way from spring to autumn so butterflies can always find nectar.

You shouldn’t use insecticides because that kills butterflies and it kills caterpillars! You should only buy peat-free compost because peat compost comes from peat bogs, which is a really important habitat, and only 1mm of peat grows in a whole year!

You should try and buy organic food – that’s food that doesn’t use insecticides to grow.

You can help butterflies if you want!

3 thoughts on “Big Butterfly Count Results

  1. I haven’t had any cinnabar moths or their caterpillars this year. However the ragwort on which I see the caterpillars didn’t grow very well until the middle of August. I don’t know why because I don’t do much to the garden at the side of the house. Granny


  2. We didn’t get very many butterflies during the count week but they came later so maybe it’s not as bad as the results suggest


  3. Our sightings were definitely down from last year during the time of the count. Large and small whites were far and away the most frequent that we saw.


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