Upcycling a T-Shirt

I found a blue t-shirt in my chest of drawers and I didn’t really want to wear it because it was just plain. So I decided to make a hedgehog top out of it!

First, me and Danny and Jake drew round our hands to make templates for the hedgehog’s prickles and I drew a head for the hedgehog. Then I used the templates to cut shapes out of scrap fabric and fusible webbing and I stuck them onto the t-shirt with an iron. Then I sewed round the edges using a zigzag stitch.

Then I looked in the button box and there were loads of buttons.

I chose a black one for the nose and a brown one for the eye and I sewed them on.

Then my top was finished!

If you have an old or boring top you don’t want to wear any more, you can use scrap fabric to make it nicer!

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