Reusable Kitchen Roll

We have made some reusable kitchen roll. We made it instead of using paper kitchen rolls which are disposable and waste trees and usually come wrapped in plastic which is also bad.

We made them out of old towels with holes in and old t-shirts and tops. This reused the clothes as well, which is better for the planet than throwing them away.

We cut out squares which didn’t have holes in. Each piece had one square made of towel and at the the top we put a square made of t-shirt fabric.

We pinned them together so the outside was on the inside and the inside was on the outside. Then we sewed them together going all the way round but leaving a little gap.

Then we turned it inside out so the edges would be nice and neat. Then we hand-sewed the hole up.

Then we sewed all the way around the edges again. Then we sewed diagonally across the middle both ways.

Then the piece was finished!

But that’s not all! Then we got the popper maker and we put two poppers on each end so they could pop together.

Then we kept doing as many as we wanted then when we finished we popped them all together then we had totally finished and we put them in the kitchen on our kitchen roll holder with a chicken on top.

3 thoughts on “Reusable Kitchen Roll

  1. Another good idea. Now I know what to do with the t-shirts which Uncle Chris and your Daddy left behind, but which are too good to throw away but wouldn’t be wanted by charity shops. Granny


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