Every Flower Counts – July

In May we did the Every Flower Counts survey organised by Plantlife. The survey was to count the wild flowers which would have grown in your lawn during No Mow May.

Wild flowers on lawns are very important for providing nectar for pollinators like bees and butterflies and other insects because they need it for food to eat. They would get nectar from wild flowers in meadows but there aren’t many wildflower meadows left any more because a lot of them have gone. Every Flower Counts helps find out how much nectar is being provided by flowers in lawns.

As well as the May Every Flower Counts, there’s a July survey as well, which happens from 11th to 19th July.

We did the survey on our front lawn. We built a 1m2 quadrat from sticks. Then we threw a ball over our shoulder onto the lawn and we put the quadrat round it with the ball in the middle and we counted all the flowers in there. We did five quadrats.

Here are our results.

Quadrat 1
2 wood avens
3 bindweed

Quadrat 2
9 bird’s foot trefoil
20 tufted vetch
50 lady’s mantle

Quadrat 3
35 tufted vetch
100 red clover
15 lady’s mantle
5 bird’s foot trefoil

Quadrat 4
60 bird’s foot trefoil
12 red clover
3 cat’s ear
30 mouse ear hawkweed
15 lady’s mantle
3 lesser trefoil

Quadrat 5
0 flowers

Other flowers we found on our lawn but not in the quadrats were fox and cubs, white clover, thistle and dock.

When you send your survey results you get a Personal Nectar Score. It shows how much nectar your lawn produces and how many bees it can feed.

Here is our Personal Nectar Score.

Plantlife says the best way to mow your lawn is to leave some of it to grow for the whole summer and mow the rest of it about every four weeks. That’s what we have been doing. The quadrats with lots of flowers were on the bits that we have left to grow long without mowing them. The last quadrat landed on the mowed part and there were no flowers!

You can do Every Flower Counts too but you need to do it before 19th July!

3 thoughts on “Every Flower Counts – July

  1. Well done again Joey. We left the lawn uncut throughout May but failed to identify all the flowers you are more skilled than us.


  2. I find it surprising that your lawn didn’t achieve a rating higher than C. Our lawn would undoubtedly be rated lower but I think the rest of our garden is fairly friendly to bees.


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