The Time Is Now

I joined in with a virtual mass lobby organised by The Climate Coalition. My Mummy joined in with me. I wanted to show that children care about the environment as well because I’m only six years old!

We used Zoom to meet Andrew Mitchell, who is our MP. There were lots of other people meeting him too. Your MP is someone who represents your area in Parliament. They can vote on new laws, ask questions in Parliament and talk to people in the Government. Your MP is a good person to talk to if you want to get something changed. Andrew Mitchell is the MP for Sutton Coldfield, where we live.

The lobby was called The Time Is Now because we must do something now to help the planet, stop climate change and make nature better. It was about making sure that when the coronavirus finishes and the Government starts spending money trying to get things back to normal, they do this in a way that helps the planet. This includes things like making it easier for people to walk, ride bikes and take public transport, making houses more sustainable and helping nature in the UK and all over the world.

As well as joining in with the meeting I wrote a letter to Andrew Mitchell asking him to help the planet.

3 thoughts on “The Time Is Now

  1. Well done Joey. Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham are certainly the places to live to try to get things changed. Keep up the good work and continue spreading the message. Granny


  2. Joey to are a inspiration, you should be very proud of all the work you are doing. The letter you wrote to Andrew Mitchell should help to make him understand how important caring for the planet is. Well done Joey.


  3. Excellent campaigning, Joey and a brilliant letter to Andrew Mitchell. I hope the MP and the Government pay attention.


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