Ozzie Leads The Way

Ken Davies, who wrote Ozzie’s Migration and Ozzie’s Return sent me his other book about Ozzie the osprey called Ozzie Leads the Way.

It’s longer than the other Ozzie books. It has 26 chapters! I’m going to tell you about it.

It’s about a group of children who are learning about ospreys and following Ozzie while Ozzie migrates from Rutland Water to Africa. Ozzie has a satellite transmitter on him so the children can see where he’s been and where he’s going. Not all ospreys have one but Ozzie does. The story tells us about what the children are doing and about what’s happening to Ozzie during his migration. The children make an Osprey Club to learn about and help ospreys. Then during the Christmas holidays the children’s teacher, Ken, went all the way to Africa to follow the ospreys and he saw Ozzie in Gambia in West Africa. He went to a school in Gambia and met the children at the school. Now the children at the school in Gambia are learning about and watching ospreys too.

I like the book lots and lots and lots. I like the bit where the children start the Osprey Club. I thought the Osprey Club was a good idea because more and more people will learn about ospreys and want to look after them. The part where Ken found Ozzie in Africa made me happy. The other best bit of the book is where the children in England and Gambia get linked together because of Ozzie. Ospreys migrate from England, Wales and Scotland to West Africa so it’s important for people in both places to care about ospreys and look after them. The book made me feel like I want to help ospreys the best I can.

Thank you Ken Davies for sending it to me!

5 thoughts on “Ozzie Leads The Way

  1. Isn’t that really nice of Ken Davies he couldn’t have given it to a more caring young man. Maybe one day you will be able to go and see the Ospreys in Africa.


  2. That sounds like a very good book, Joey and your review of the book was very interesting and enjoyable.Thank you.


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