No Fly Tipping!

We were walking in the woods yesterday and we saw lots of piles of grass cuttings and other garden rubbish. People had dumped it there.

Some of the piles had bits of plastic, material, used toilet roll and other rubbish too.

Dumping rubbish like this is called fly tipping and it hurts the woods. Piles of garden rubbish dumped in the woods look horrible. They squash the flowers and plants and the rubbish takes a long time to break down. Piles of grass cuttings dumped next to trees can hurt the trees. Garden rubbish dumped in the woods might have bits of garden plants in which might grow and take over from the wild flowers and plants that are growing in the woods. Lots of garden plants aren’t as good for bees and butterflies. The garden rubbish might have chemicals in which could hurt wildlife.

Plastic is really bad because it takes a really, really, really long time to break down and animals might eat it or get trapped in it and might not be able to get out.

There are lots of flowers, birds, bees and butterflies in the woods and people should take care of them, not dump rubbish in them!

On the way home we saw even more dumped rubbish down the lanes! Some of it was in plastic bags.

The best way to get rid of your garden rubbish is to make a compost heap. If you can, you should reuse your other rubbish or recycle it or give it away to someone else who might want it, or you can give it to The ReUsers when it opens again. If you can’t do anything else with it you should throw it in the bin or keep it until you can take it to the tip.

People should never, never, never ever fly tip!

3 thoughts on “No Fly Tipping!

  1. I have got a collection of things to take to the ReUsers when I can come over to see you. I get annoyed with people who put their dog poo in a plastic bag and hang it in bushes instead of taking it home or putting it in one of the bins for dog poo. Granny


  2. Joey, I have just caught up on some of your blog posts. They are fantastic. Keep up the hard work and keep them coming.


  3. Joey,I agree entirely with your latest post.Fly tipping garden rubbish is bad enough but dumping household rubbish is even worse. We now have an enormous compost heap at the top of our garden although I might have to thin it out a little and take some of the contents to the council tip when it quietens down again.


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