Reusing Plastic Milk Bottles

It’s very important to reuse as much plastic as you can because plastic doesn’t break down so plastic rubbish stays in the environment for a really long time. Reusing as much plastic as possible means you don’t have to buy more plastic. It’s best to try not to buy plastic to help the planet.

This article is about how we’ve been reusing plastic milk bottles to grow things.

We reused plastic milk bottles to make plant pots. We washed them, cut the bottoms off and put holes in the bottom.

Then we filled them with compost and planted sunflower seeds in them because they are really good for bees, other insects and birds.

The sunflower seeds have grown and soon we will plant them in our garden.

We used the top halves of the milk bottles to make funnels to play with in our sandpit!

We also reused milk bottles to grow mushrooms. We cut some straw up into small pieces and we put it in a pressure cooker with some water.

We boiled it in the pressure cooker then let it cool for eight hours. Then we drained the water off. We washed our hands and used them to mix some blue/grey oyster mushroom mycelium into the straw. We made sure it was mixed really well all the way through. We used a Milton Sterilising Tablet to sterilise two milk bottles then we cut holes in the sides. Then we put the straw and mycelium into the milk bottles and put the lids on. We covered the holes with paper tape and wrapped the milk bottles up in reused brown paper. We put them in a warm, dark place and left them for two weeks. After two weeks, we unwrapped the paper from the milk bottles and took the paper tape off. The mycelium had grown and there were white threads running all the way through the straw. We put the milk bottles in the fridge for two days. Then we took them out of the fridge and put them on a shelf in our lounge. We sprayed them twice a day to keep them damp.

After a few days, tiny mushrooms started to grow!

They got bigger and bigger…

… until they were ready to eat!

Can you think of any more ways to reuse plastic milk bottles?

4 thoughts on “Reusing Plastic Milk Bottles

  1. I’m not very imaginative but last year I used an empty milk bottle to store the liquid which comes from the worm bin. This year I have put nettles into a tub of water and will store the liquid in empty milk bottles before using it as a fertiliser. I like the idea of using them as plant pots and will hopefully sow sweetpeas in them in the autumn.


  2. A very interesting post,Joey and your mushrooms look extremely successful. I leave growing attempts to Grandma but I do enjoy eating mushrooms.


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