Helping Bees

We made bee houses for solitary bees. We sawed a base, then we sawed a back, then we sawed the roof, then we sawed the two sides. We made the roof stick out to stop rain getting in. We nailed them together.

Then we filled it with bee nesting tubes.

Then we put it up about 1.5m high in a sunny place, facing south. Hopefully some solitary bees will come in and lay eggs in there!

We also made a bee drinking point. We found a plant pot tray and we washed it and we found lots of stones and washed them. We put the stones in the tray and filled the tray up with water and put it in a sunny place. The bees can sit on the stones and drink. If they fall in they will be able to climb out.

We’ve planted lots of flowers that bees like, like sunflowers, cosmos, lavender, cornflowers and snapdragons.

Bees are important because they pollinate flowers which means new plants can grow. We need them to pollinate food crops. Without bees there wouldn’t be as many flowers and plants or as much food.

You can help bees too!

6 thoughts on “Helping Bees

  1. Thank you for this information, Joey. I will make a drinking point for bees this afternoon. I have a plant saucer which I can use and will select some nice stones from the garden. I am pleased that you mentioned washing them because I would not have thought about doing that. Granny.


  2. That looks like a very well made bee house, Joey. Well done and thank you for the interesting information about the requirements of solitary bees.


  3. A really fantastic bee box I made one but used a bit of old pipe for ours but I didn’t know positioning was important. I will follow your advice.


  4. Did your bee house work, or did it just attract spiders? All the ones I have seen are filled with spiders and never have solitary bees use them.


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