Animals Tracks And Signs

We’ve been looking for animal tracks and signs in our garden.

We put a footprint tunnel by the hedge. We put powder paint, paper and food in it.

We left it there overnight to see if there would be any footprints in it in the morning.

The first morning there weren’t any footprints but the next morning there were some hedgehog footprints!

We’ve also been looking for animal poos and we found some hedgehog poos!

Looking for animal tracks and signs in your garden helps you find out what wildlife is visiting so you can help it.

We help hedgehogs in our garden by putting out food and water for them and making sure there are hedgehog holes in our fence to help them get around.

4 thoughts on “Animals Tracks And Signs

  1. That is very interesting, Joey. I don’t have any powder paint but perhaps I can find something else. If I find anything interesting then perhaps you can identify it for me.


  2. Thank you for the photo of hedgehog poo. I haven’t seen a hedgehog in the garden for several years. There was some hedgehog poo on the grass this morning. I will be building a feeding station using one of your previous posts when I find a box.


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