Minibeast Hotel

We built a minibeast hotel.

First, we made five frames out of old wood. We put old bricks and stones at the bottom for minibeasts to hide under. Then we put the first layer on and we filled it with sticks and old pipes stuffed with straw and sticks.

Then we put more layers on and we filled them with logs, sticks, old wood, broken pots, pine cones, bean poles and hollow plant stems for minibeasts to hide in.

Then we put a roof on to stop rain coming in.

I hope we get lots of minibeasts like woodlice, slugs, snails, ladybirds and millipedes.

5 thoughts on “Minibeast Hotel

  1. Thank you so much Joey for such clear, detailed instructions. The photos are a great help too. I will be making one at the bottom of the garden when I have selected some bits of wood. I might be able to use the remnants of a rotten chest of drawers which were going to the tip when it reopens. Granny.


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