The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann

The Animals of Farthing Wood is a nature story. It’s about a fox, a badger, a toad, a mole, a weasel, an adder, some rabbits, some lizards, some hedgehogs, a tawny owl, a kestrel, two pheasants, some field mice, some voles and some hares. They have to leave their homes in Farthing Wood because it’s being chopped down. They are going to go to White Deer Park, which is a nature reserve. It’s a long way and it’s very difficult.

At the start of the story, Toad is caught by a little boy and taken away somewhere even further than White Deer Park. He finds his way back to Farthing Wood using his homing instinct and he has a rest in a pond in White Deer Park on the way back. He got back but he sadly found out his pond in Farthing Wood was filled in. All the other animals had nowhere to drink. The whole wood was being chopped down by humans. Toad told the animals about White Deer Park and they all decided to leave to go there.

On the way there were lots of dangers. Lots of the dangers were caused by humans. To start with they had to go down some roads. They began to go down the last road. They all crossed the last road but they lost Toad and there was a car coming. The car stopped right by where they were crossing and a man got out and found Toad and Fox and Tawny Owl saved Toad. The next danger was a fire. They were just coming up to a marsh when the fire started. The fire was started by a human dropping a cigarette out of a car. There was a storm and they went into a barn to shelter. That particular barn was owned by a farmer. He hated foxes because a fox had eaten one of his chickens. He locked the animals in because he wanted to kill Fox. He shot the two pheasants and they died. Mole dug a tunnel out and the animals escaped. The animals had to cross a river but Fox got whooshed down the river. He met Vixen on his way back to find the other animals and Vixen came with him. Then it was a really, really, really, really scary bit: the hunt. The hunt chased the foxes. Then there was another quite scary bit: the animals had to cross a motorway. After the motorway they had to cross a farm where lots of chemicals were used and there was no grass or trees or wildlife. The farmer had sprayed poison on the crops and the poison had killed lots of wildlife. The rabbits really wanted to have food from that farm. Mole went digging for worms right next to the poisoned crops but they were all dead.

There were some kind humans too. The firemen who put out the fire saved the animals and one of the firemen saved Mole. There was a naturalist as well. The naturalist looks after White Deer Park and all the animals there. White Deer Park is a nature reserve which means all the animals are safe there. The Animals of Farthing Wood made me feel like I want to be a naturalist. You can be a naturalist too!

The Animals of Farthing Wood reminded me of HS2 because lots of woods are being chopped down to build HS2. I feel like this is the baddest thing ever and I want to try and stop it! I think everybody should try to stop it, including you! If everyone tries to stop it, it might end up being stopped. The Animals of Farthing Wood made me want to protect all woods and other habitats too.

Another way to help wildlife is to buy organic food. Organic food is better for wildlife because they don’t use chemicals or poison. We get organic veg boxes from Riverford to help wildlife.

Don’t drop cigarettes out of cars or drop litter because it can hurt wildlife!

The Animals of Farthing is a really good book. I think you should read it! It’s happy at the end but there are scary bits in the middle. It made me feel like I want to help wildlife.

3 thoughts on “The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann

  1. Wow, Joey, that sounds like a great book. Thank you for an interesting summary of the story which has made me want to read the book. Granny


  2. Joey, that is a tremendous summary of the story and a really excellent review of the book.I am certain you will be an outstanding naturalist if that is the path you eventually choose to take. I entirely agree with you about HS2.


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