We put our hedgehog camera out last night. We put it pointing at one of our hedgehog feeding stations.

Guess what we saw! The answer is on these videos!

You saw these videos… the answer was a hedgehog!

In one of the videos the hedgehog ate some food.

We give our hedgehogs Spike’s Tasty Semi-Moist hedgehog food. You should never feed hedgehogs bread and milk because it’s very bad for them.

This is how we made the hedgehog feeding station. We used one box and we used a saw to cut a hole in one side big enough for a hedgehog to fit through. Then we put duct tape around the hold to stop it being too sharp. Then we put some food inside in a little bowl. We put a brick in front to make it harder for cats to get in and eat the food and we put another brick on top to stop it moving around.

In the other video the hedgehog drank some water. It’s important to put water out for hedgehogs as well as food.

Another way to help hedgehogs in your garden is to make sure there are hedgehog holes in fences and walls so hedgehogs can get through.

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