Spring Flowers and Bees

Today I saw a bee getting some nectar off one of the flowers in our garden. It was a crocus that I planted with my two brothers, Danny and Jake.

Flowers are very important for bees because bees need them to get nectar and pollen. Early spring flowers are especially important because bees are waking up from hibernation or starting to become more active and they need to find food. It can be hard at this time of year because there aren’t many flowers. You can help bees by planting flowers and not weeding up flowering weeds like dandelions.

Some of the other flowers in my garden at the moment are daffodils, cherry blossom, lesser celandine, hyacinth and red dead nettle.

It is a good time of year to plant seeds. You can help bees by planting flowers that have lots of nectar and pollen. It is best to make sure there are flowers all year round from the spring to the autumn so that bees and other insects can find food.

3 thoughts on “Spring Flowers and Bees

  1. What a lot of flowers you have in your garden. There is not any blossom on my fruit trees yet, and no dandelions. I have seen some bees on the not so pretty green hellebores. The bees seem to avoid the pretty dark pink and white hellebores. Granny


  2. You do seem to have a good array of flowers in your garden already. We have some flowers and blossom appearing in our garden and there have been a few bees buzzing around.


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