Frogspawn in our Pond

We’ve got some frogspawn in our pond!


Our pond is three years old. We built it so we could help wildlife. Ponds are a good way to help wildlife.

First we dug a hole. We made sure the edges were sloping with shallow bits. Lots of animals like shallow water, like tadpoles. If a hedgehog fell in and it was steep he wouldn’t be able to get out and he would die but if it was sloping he would be able to get out and he would stay alive. Then we made sure we had enough pond liner and we put it in the hole. Then we filled it with water. Then we put stones and slabs around the edge to weigh the pond liner down. We put some pond plants in the pond. We put some piles of sticks near the pond for frogs to hide in.

The first time we had frogspawn in the pond was last year. The frogspawn turned into tadpoles, then they turned into froglets, then they turned into frogs. Now they’ve laid some frogspawn!

If you live in Birmingham or the Black Country and you see some frogspawn, you can do a survey called SpawnWatch! It’s run by The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country and they want to know about where frogspawn and toad spawn has been seen.

If you want to help wildlife, you can make a pond in your garden! Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Frogspawn in our Pond

  1. Great photos – the frog looks as though it is guarding the frogspawn. What other creatures do you get in the pond? Granny.


  2. Great news I am sure Danny Jake and you will have lots of fun pond dipping again this year. Grandpa used to be scared of frogs when he was little he thought one chased him. Silly grandpa he isn’t scared anymore but we have some in the garden and they still make him jump


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