Jericho Wood Shack and The ReUsers

The Wood Shack and The ReUsers shop are on Norris Way in Sutton Coldfield, next door to the tip. We went there last weekend.

First we went to The ReUsers shop. They have stuff that has been donated there because people don’t want it any more. It’s on the way to the tip, so they can donate it to there instead of throwing it in the tip and a different person can come and buy it.

They have got bikes, they have got furniture and they even had an old typewriter!

They have breakable jars and plates. They have old toys that people have donated too, and all sorts of things! I bought some Percy the Park Keeper books.

Then we went to the Jericho Wood Shack, which is right next to The ReUsers shop. They’ve got old wood that would have been thrown away if it wasn’t there.

They have long wood and short wood and medium sized too! You can use it to make new things or do woodwork on old things or for anything you like!

We went there to buy wood to make a nest box and a shadow puppet theatre.

I think the nest box was made out of an old plank and I think the shadow puppet theatre was made out of wood from old pallets.

We went there again yesterday to buy wood for mending a fence and building a new roof for our chicken run.

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As well as selling wood they sell things they have already made from reused wood like nest boxes.

You can tell them what you want them to make and they will make it. In the autumn last year we asked them to make a mud kitchen for my cousin and they made it. It was made completely out of old, recycled things.

The Wood Shack helps the planet by reusing wood that would have been thrown away. In one year they saved 505.8 tonnes of wood from landfill. The money they make from it goes to help people who find it hard to get a job.

So if you need wood, instead of buying it new, go to the Wood Shack. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Jericho Wood Shack and The ReUsers

  1. I enjoyed visiting the Wood Shack and the Reusers shop when I visited you. It is a brilliant idea and I wish I lived closer because then I could take some of the stuff which I don’t need but can’t bear to throw away. Granny.


  2. More exciting ideas thank you Joey. Lily wants her first bike so I know where we’ll be going now. We’re also getting our veggie boxes from the weigh forward now as well x


  3. We use it to but we are not as good at making things as you are. We have brought toys and jigsaws and some tools from the shop.


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