National Nest Box Week

This week is National Nest Box Week… so get your nest boxes ready!

A nest box is for birds to make nests in. You can make your own nest box! I made a nest box and gave it to my Granny to put on her shed.

Different types of birds like different nest boxes. I made a blue tit nest box. It has a small hole in the front that is 25mm wide. It’s big enough for blue tits to get in and out but not other birds and animals that might want to eat them or their eggs.

Great tits like nest boxes with holes that are 28mm wide and house sparrows like nest boxes with holes that are 32mm wide. Robins like open-fronted nestboxes.

I’ve got a robin nest box in my garden and when we cleaned it out we found an old robin’s nest in it.

The best time to clean nest boxes out is in the autumn after the birds have finished using them.

So get your nest boxes ready for the birds to make their nests in! If you don’t have one, why not make one!

4 thoughts on “National Nest Box Week

  1. You are very industrious Joey. I enjoyed going to the recycling shop where you got the wood to make the nest box. I am going to make a nest box for robins. Granny


  2. Thank you for the tips Joey. The nest box that you made for your granny looks very professional. She must be extremely pleased with it and you should be very proud.


  3. Planning to make one or two for our garden. The ones we had are getting past their best. You have a fantastic new one at the front of your house. Danny and Jake were telling me all about it and how it has a hole on the side.


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