Picking Up Cans

Today we were going for a walk in New Hall Valley. Then we found lots of tin cans. To start with we found about four then we kept finding more. There were lots in the bushes and lots by the path.

We picked them all up and put them in a big pile. Altogether we found twenty-four!

We squashed them all up so we could fit them in a bag to take them home to throw them in the recycling.

So please would you not drop litter because it’s not good for animals. Animals might get stuck in tin cans or end up eating plastic and that’s not good for them. So please don’t drop litter.

If you find litter please pick it up. Check if it can be recycled. If it can, take it home and throw it in the recycling. If it can’t be recycled, please throw it in the bin.

Thank you!

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