The Up Shop

Today we were going to The Weigh Forward and we saw another shop opposite. It’s called The Up Shop and they make things out of old clothes and other things.

There’s a box at the front of the shop. If you want to donate any fabric or old clothes you can open the lid and just put it in.

They weigh all the stuff that’s been donated so they know how much they’ve stopped going to landfill. Around 300,000 tonnes of fabric goes to landfill in the UK every year.

Some of the old clothes like this dress are mended or done up so they can be worn again.

If any of the fabric has poppers, buttons or zips they cut them off so they can be used for something else. Here I’m cutting a popper off some old fabric.

We put the popper I cut off in a box of buttons and other things ready to reused.

You make things out of the old clothes and fabric in the shop. I made a leaf to go on a woodland queen costume for a performance by B’Opera.

While were were there we made beads out of a broken plate. We hammered the bits of plate and then rubbed them with sandpaper to make the edges smooth. We’ll drill a hole in them and thread some string through to make a nice lovely necklace.

If you want to visit The Up Shop, it’s in Market Village (the indoor market) in Sutton Coldfield,

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