The Weigh Forward

Today I went to a zero waste shop called The Weigh Forward. It’s in Sutton Coldfield, in Market Village (the indoor market) on South Parade.

It’s different from normal shops because they don’t use plastic. You can bring your own containers there to put stuff in. They have some spare containers there you can use if you don’t have any.

All the stuff is in big containers. When you get there you have to ask them to weigh the containers you’ve brought. Then you find the stuff you want and fill your containers up. Then they weigh the containers again to work out how much you’ve got and how much it costs. Then you buy it and take it home.

We bought oats, rice, lentils, pasta, rapeseed oil, dried apricots, squirty soap, shampoo and shower gel, conditioner and washing up liquid.

They also had more washing and cleaning stuff and lots of other dried foods like arborio rice, couscous and herbs. They had fresh vegetables and fruit. They had things like knives and forks and brushes made from bamboo instead of plastic.

It’s better for the planet because they don’t use plastic. Plastic lasts for a very long time after it’s been thrown away. Some plastic gets washed into the sea where animals might eat it and get poorly or die.

I want to help the planet by using less plastic. Please can you do it too.

11 thoughts on “The Weigh Forward

  1. Thank you, Joey. I didn’t know this shop existed and will definitely visit it now I know all about it. Very informative post.


  2. That is fantastic. It reminds me of when I was your age and lived in a small village. The village shop weighed out most things and put them into paper bags. I mostly remember the sweets which were in large jars – lots of pretty colours. I went to the farm shop last week to get some meat and they wrapped that in paper. Granny


  3. Thanks for the info Jo!
    I’ll check out the shop next time I’m in Sutton. I think my son will love weighing out the stuff we want to buy!


  4. Thank you for posting about this shop, Joey. I didn’t know the shop existed before now but it does look very interesting.


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